These are some of the sites that I find interesting and useful. I don’t necessary agree with all of them all of the time, but they always interesting and worth exploring.

Traditionalist blog

Mark Sedgwick, the author of an excellent book on Guénon and Traditionalism (Against the Modern World, OUP, 2004) has a useful blog that reports on Traditionalism worldwide:


Sophia Perennis

Sophia Perennis publish the complete works of Rene Guénon in English, as well as other works on Traditionalism. The editions are uniformly good with little editorial intervention. The site includes material on perennialism and Traditionalism and is a useful starting point for those wanting to know more:


Temenos Academy

Temenos are dedicated to the furthering an understanding of the sacred traditions of both East and West. It produces a regular journal and organises conferences and lectures. The Academy was established by the poet, Kathleen Raine, whose work is well worth a look:


World of Wisdom

An interesting site on Traditionalism with some useful material on Guénon including a video of Martin Ling’s recollections:


Arktos Publishing

Arktos are a small publishing house that focuses on traditionalist and New Right literature. They have recently published book by Alain de Benoist and Alexander Dugin: